House System

Carmel School Ambikapur
St. Avila
(Avila House)
Carmel School Ambikapur
St. Chavara
(Chavara House)
Carmel School Ambikapur
St. Lisieux
(Lisieux House)
Carmel School Ambikapur
St. Euphrasia
(Rose House)

Avila House

St. Avila: (Avila House)

Spain must have shocked at the news of her entry into Carmel Convent. It is quite unbelievable for anybody that such a valiant woman like her joining in the convent because such was her family ties, family background and life style. When she got the realization of the vanities of her life, she said bye to the old ways of her luxurious life. She embraced the path of her master "Jesus". No worldly pleasures or attractions could take her back from the love of Jesus. She was ready to endure any amount of sufferings to follow the path of Jesus. A silly fluttering and buttering lady became an iron woman. Undergoing tremendous hardship, she became a reformer of Carmelite order. She gave a new orientation, new direction, new light, new sight, new life to the Carmelites. She paved a new path for the Carmelite order. She had to swim against the flow, life was not a bed of roses for her. Her strong will made it happen what she wanted to happen - the reformation of Carmel. She is a reformer of Carmelite order.

Chavara House

St. Chavara: (Chavara House)

The saintly man hailed from Kerala gave birth to two congregations. He the founder of C.M.I and C.M.C. congregations is a visionary and missionary of all the times. His creativity, dynamism and far sightedness brought out tremendous changes in the educational field, society and very specially in Kera la Church. He stood with the poor and for the poor as well as with the rich. His dream project was education on the one side and uplift of women and children on the other side. Today his footprints are marked and followed, his memories are cherished all over the world through his followers. He was a spiritual guru, social reformer, a catalyst and an agent of change. The depth of his wisdom and the pearls of knowledge embedded in him is echoing in his books. There we can see the picture of his fully human, fully divine nature. His spiritual leadership is well accepted and well honoured among all the people and he is raised up to the highest level of sanctity by the people and for the people. We bow before him.

Lisieux House

St. Lisieux: (Lisieux House)

The little princess of Alenso in France becoming a little saint at the age of 24 makes curiosity in every mind. From the age of three onwards she wanted to become a saint. So extraordinary was her ideas and ways and thoughts to reach heaven. At her tender age itself she struggled and struggled in the middle of her attachment to her dear ones at home and her unceasing attachment to God. Leaving behind a princely life, she came down to the level of a commoner. The touchy little girl of fifteen learnt to enjoy the sweetness of the thorny path of religious life. Dearest princess of the father at home became the dearest of God in heaven through her little ways and lift to heaven. She is a saint of our own time.

Rose House

St. Euphrasia: (Rose House)

She is a saint of the soil as Chavara was. In her young age itself, leaving behind the richness and the family heritage, she came down among the poorest of the poor. As she was always in touch with her power house - Jesus, she was getting enlightenment and inspiration directly from above. It was the word of God in her lips and the rolling beads in her fingers that lighted her path, not any bookish knowledge. Prayer was her life breath and doing the will of God her food. She was just an ordinary Carmelite nun living in the four walls of the convent doing small things in the sight of people but great and valuable in the eyes of God. In everything she said, and did there was a touch of God. As she was a friend of Jesus, she was a friend of the rich and poor, men and women, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian. Though simple she was great indeed are the works that God did in and through her. Let us lift up our eyes towards her.