School Anthem

(to be sung on every Wednesday)
Hail Holy Queen of Carmel

Hail holy Queen of Carmel !
Mother of compassion
Hail our strength,
our trust and our hope Hail holy Queen of Carmel.
Virgin mother mild
In the nights of darkness
In times of aloneness
In solitude and silence
Thou spent thy life in pure contemplation
Hoil holy Queen of Carmel!

Dear Mother, the joy of Carmel
Thy children take shelter
Under the Shadow of thy mantle
Take us all, take us all
To the still hands of our Lord
Hail holy Queen of Carmel!
Let’s sing Abba Father
With the heavenly chorus
A hymn of Alleluiah
A symphony of praise
Hail holy Queen of Carmel !

Carmel School Ambikapur