Examination & Promotion

  • Examination and PA's (Periodic Assessment)/FA's (Formative Assessment) are held as indicated in the school calendar. Promotions are granted on the basis of the whole Year's performance. Hence due attention should be given to regular work and attendance.
  • A student who misses an examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined.
  • Student who has not paid their dues will not be permitted to appear for examination.
  • A minimum attendance of 85% will be required for promotion.
  • A student caught copying or using and other unfair means will not be allowed to take a subsequent examination until the Principal grants her/him written permission. Such a student's is liable to be detained.
  • In order to be promoted a student should secure a minimum of 40%. In all questions of promotion or detention, the decision of the principal is final.
  • All provision for concessions of a student who fail in any class is automatically cancelled at the end of the Year.
  • Progress reports showing the performance of the pupils and their results will be shown to the parents after every PA's/FA's & SA's. Parents or guardians are requested to examine it carefully and see that their son/daughter make a special effort to study those subject in which they are weak.
  • One is to pass all the PA's/FA's and SA's by securing minimum 40% marks and in annual examination separately also. It is necessary to secure 40% minimum in aggregate. All promotions will not be granted to the student of any class.
    Continuous and comprehensive assessments shall be carried out. Timely reminders, warning, counseling with the parents and students shall be arranged for the improvements of the slow-learners and problem students. Failure in any subject or absence from regular examinations excludes pupils from being reckoned in order to merit list/promotion.
  • Students who fail twice in same class shall be asked to leave the school.
Carmel School Ambikapur